Maroske Peech is a collaboration between Elisa Keeler and Jordan Conder.
All pieces are made in their studio in Melbourne, Australia.
Maroske Peech SS21 Capsule Collection - A simple but refined repeat of the past, uniquely comfortable and surprisingly wearable. Planned and sourced during lockdown in Melbourne, Australia. Shut off for 112 days with our regular cycle disrupted from the closure of local suppliers and manufacturers, the local industry was at a standstill. These pieces reflect a mark in time, and each were chosen for ease of wear and comfort while we navigate our ‘stay at home’ routines.
Sourcing/Ethics - Each Maroske Peech collection has been considered carefully and utilises ethical sourcing and operates on a small-run basis. This is thanks to our local community of suppliers and manufacturers who we choose to work with as our part of our approach to sustainability. Fabrics sourced locally from Melbourne’s fabric merchants, and pieces produced ethically through local family owned manufacturers, using new and reclaimed fabrics. Our pieces repeat for a short time before we have cut-through the reclaimed materials we source. Meaning limited numbers exist of each piece. Selected fabrics are treated at our local dye-house, who implement water saving and water recycling initiatives. This type of conscious production is built into our brands DIY storyline, and we provide you information for transparency and education.

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