CANDY Transversal 14

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SUMMER 2022 
Limited Edition 1500 Numbered Copies
460 Pages
☆ RuPaul by Richard Renaldi 
☆ Holly Woodlawn by Richard Bernstein and Laura Bailey
☆ Paul Huntley by Dean Rhys Morgan 
☆ Alled-Martínez by Luis Venegas 
☆ Olivier Theyskens by Dafy Hagai 
☆ The Red Hot Chilli Peppers by Bruce Weber
☆ Viktor & Rolf by Rolf Snoeren 
☆ Karlheinz Weinberger 
☆ Transgender Trucks by Carla Aparicio 
☆ Drag Kings by Heather Glazzard 
☆ Marsha P Johnson by Arlene Gottfried and Agosto Machado 
☆ International Chrysis by Jordan King 
☆ Alok by Camila Falquez and Joey Levenson
☆ Willy Chavarria by Sunny Suits 
☆ Crystal Love by Zac Bayly 
☆ David Armstrong by Nan Goldin 
☆ Jamie Nares by Jack Pierson and Lucy Sante 
☆ Archivo Memoria Trans Argentina by Topacio Fresh 
☆ Tobias Dionisi by Oli Kearon and Charles Jeffrey 
☆ Candy Darling by Bob Colacello 
☆ Gottmik by Carlos Darder and Greg Garry 
☆ Billy Sullivan by Sunny Suits 
☆ Elvira by Greg Gorman, Mel Odom and Valeria Vegas 
☆ Elvira’s Style by Michael Bailey Gates 
☆ Himeros’ Playgorund by Jamie Heath 
☆ Alexis Stone in Balenciaga by Louie Banks and Joey Levenson 
☆ Maison Margiela by Luis Venegas 
☆ Ella Snyder in Diesel by Diego Villarreal 
☆ Alex Consani in Saint Laurent by Bryce Anderson 
☆ Celine by Trevor Stones 
☆ Acne Studios by El Hardwick and Orion Isaacs 
☆ Givenchy NYC Girls by Emilio Tamez 
☆ Hiromi Tsuchida by Luis Venegas 
☆ Lypsinka by Jeff Bark and Simon Doonan 


About C★NDY

The First Transversal Style Magazine

“In a fantastic riposte to the dwindling state of print media, Luis Venegas has launched his bravest, most exciting concept yet: a magazine that celebrates the world of transgenderism: Candy.”
—Kin Woo on Dazed Digital, November 2009

C★NDY is the first fashion magazine completely dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transsexuality, crossdressing and androgyny in all their glory. A style magazine about fashion, art, culture, make-up, glamour, icons, amazing transformations and fun. 

About Luis Venegas the Creative Director, Editor and Publisher of Fanzine137, EY! Magateen, C★ndy, The Printed Dog and EY! Boy Collection. Luis is based in Spain and split's their time between Madrid and Barcelona. Since 2004, they've channeled their energies into publishing three personal editorial projects. An independent self-published editor, their magazines - released as limited editions - are available only in selected shops, boutiques and bookstores around the world.

Please note: due to this publication being really heavy, there may be additional shipping charges payable depending on your shipping address. If you would like know the cost prior to placing your order please email me at distalphalanxshop@gmail.com with your shipping address.

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