Recalling girlhood and early Aughts American Apparel through frills and ultra short-shorts is Lucila Safdie, who graduated from Saint Martins’ womenswear pathway in 2021.  The Argentinian-born designer’s brand, which launched last February, was the spontaneous result of a collaboration between her and stylist, and current Central Saint Martins student, Jagi Nelson. In a time of sociopolitical and economic flux, the label’s nostalgic references to growing up as a young woman in the early 2000s through the lens of female empowerment have struck a chord.  The collection specifically pays homage to Sofia Coppola’s writing and directing debut, “Lick the Star.” “I love Sofia Coppola. When I was a teenager, she was one of the only famous female filmmakers that were showing a feminine point of view within her filmography,“ Safdie said. “I think she explores femininity in a perfect way,” she added. - text via WWD
Lick The Star 01 collection is available now. Made in the UK. 

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