Photography: Ray Ranoa, Fashion: Chris Lorimer, Model: Samuel Barrie at Chic via BLACK Magazine 


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Launching his unisex line in 2005 while still a teenager, Telfar's influence today is everywhere — making his perhaps the most compelling story in New York fashion. In Telfar we find the blueprint for the contemporary black avant-garde — long before it was airlifted as a blood transfusion for high fashion. A genderless line a decade before the trend (or retail strategy); internet aesthetics before it became cliché; reifications of the normal before they were a hashtag; crowdsourcing before it was a word — Telfar is in the business of creating the new — a business that from time to time has been called fashion. With his 10 year retrospective at the 2016 Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, a business which is doubling each season, a growing roster of high-end stockists and celebrity followers and a runway presentation slotted to show within the fold of the official IMG/NY Fashion Week — Telfar is poised to shed the label emerging designer and seek his place as an indispensable voice of american fashion.

Telfar is available exclusively in Australia at distal phalanx.

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