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In this collection, the designer deconstructs conventional symbols used in jewellery, that represent the mind of humankind throughout the ages in an absurd melted metal collage.
If you look closely, in the forms you may find crosses melted into crescent moons, dolphins, dragons and Mickey Mouse.
They imagine all of it overgrown and digested by nature.
As if a thousand years from now, a less self-destructive civilisation were to find them.
Evolution of the collective soul starts with those who trust themselves and question.​
All pieces are hand-made out of solid sterling silver and are treated as works of art, with various polishing techniques; some elements are treated with blackening oxide, some left raw, some polished to a smooth shine and some left a little rough, with signs of the artist's hand present. The silver is intentionally not rhodium-plated, continuing it's life on the body of the wearer.
Made in Italy. Available for the fist time in Australia at distal phalanx.


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