>>> DISTAL には最もホットな顧客がいます
Egg Lemon is the project of Jude Millis who works across multiple mediums to create garments and tattoos.
Their practice focuses on upcycling materials to create new individual garments.
Jude’s work exists within a curated fantasy world where identity is experimental and fluid.
Each piece is one off and unique due to the nature of the process.

This newest mini collection “fill my cup” mixes soft cosy materials with sexy cuts and revealing open sides and backs.
Long ties are incorporated to encourage play and styling the pieces in multiple ways.

They are delicate so hand washing and spot cleaning is advised.


限定オファーを入手するには、メーリング リストに登録し、セールや新入荷情報をいち早く入手してください <3 dp



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