Andrews Crews SS16 Immortal collection is now available online

Posted on 26 3月 2016


'Offsprings of the Karaté Kid Generation ; Andrea Crews SS16 men and women are fascinated by martial arts. They proudly wear the logos of the clubs where they train, day and night, to master their discipline. IMMORTAL is the guide who uses his opponent’s strength to turn it against him. The ranks doesn’t matter here, the colors of the belts overlap to abolish hierarchy. Boys and girls with singular beauties, embody the fashion new-guarde swap clothes to create looks ; they blend jacquards, lazer cut and neoprene; Manga, Kabuki and the dojo fantasy, with no boundaries. Following the rythm of the Taikos, the translucent creatures gracefully cross the path of the sharp samouraï and the tenacious judo boys. The chant of the geisha calls for agility and contemplation.'

Andrea Crews pieces are made in France and are available exclusively in Australia at distal phalanx.


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