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Catalogue Girls / August 2016

投稿日: 02 8月 2016

 "Hello! I grew up on stolen Wurundjeri land in a bushy Melbourne suburb called Warrandyte and I moved to live in the inner city a couple of years ago. I am a queer, intersex, trans woman learning how to energise my soul and love unconditionally. I am an artist, performer, musician, dancer, actor, painter and witch. I make music in which I layer guitar bits and vocal harmonies into a loop pedal and turn out healing rock and roll hymns about love, hurt, beauty, the universe and taking it easy. I also do dance performances in which I strip my clothes off, exposing my unconventional transgender body. You can listen to some of my music here, and keep up with where I’m playing here.

The fashion industry is exclusive. There is a plethora of human beauty in the world but the fashion industry continues to put tall, thin, white men and women on a pedestal to sell clothes. It’s boring and it’s evil and it makes people feel bad about their bodies. I want to see collections that celebrate the rich spectrum of the human race. Forget about the male/female binary, discontinue the separation of “men’s collections” and “women’s collections” and start making collections for everybody. Cast trans and GNC people, cast people of colour, cast disabled people, cast fat people, and cast them in ways that aren’t tokenising. God, show me something real. Something I can believe in." - Callan

READ the full Interview via Catalogue Magazine ----- HERE

Photography: Agnieszka Chabros @achabros
Stylist: Sinead Hargreaves @sineadhargreaves
Hair + Make up: Lily Swan @lilyswan_mua

Featuring Life In Perfect Disorder NY and Romeo pieces from distal phalanx.

Endless respect and love for you Callan <3 xx 


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