Simonne Goran

[EXCLUSIVE] Spectral Swamp Sculpture (candle holder) III

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These candleholders takes influence from the natural and spiritual worlds.
They are both bodily and ethereal. Sodden flowers, spindly leaves and small, earth dwelling creatures find refuge in this space.
They cling to the twisted, amorphous form, drawn to the warmth and light from above.
Material: Glazed stoneware with copper carbonate.
Height: 15.5cm Base: 7.5cm x 7.5cm
Please note: Each ceramic candleholder is one of a kind and intuitively hand made. 

Simonne Goran is a Sydney based artist working in sculpture and ceramics. This collection explores fluid, floral forms merged with references to memory (tacky trinkets and daggy imagery), sci fi, fantasy & teen dreams.   

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Sold Out

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