Novembre Magazine Issue 14-5

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Novembre N°14-5
Cover 5/6 by Cajsa von Zeipel shot by Christian DeFonte #cajsavonzeipel #christiandefonte
Origin: France 
Format: 21cm x 28cm
Issue 14, 403 pages

Novembre is a biannual publication that blends the emerging, the critical, and the radical to activate intergenerational discussions and collaborations, producing international content that remains stand-alone, fierce, and ambitious.

Issue contributors include: Marie Valognes, Laurie Simmons, Leester Leester, Corey Olsen, Malcolm Mammone, Samantha Split, Tobias Spichtig, Thomas Hirschhorn, William Farr, Lili Creuk, Connon Willumsen, Éli Serres, Bless, Albert Allgaier, Maurits Sillem, Hester Wernert, Anne Sophie Costa, Samia Giobellina, Alake Shilling, Amnesia Scanner, Arther Lehmann, Bailey Scieszka, Gabrielle Rosenstein, Betty Wang, Joe Leavenworth, Mirko Borshe, Lubin, Christian DeFonte, Jefferson Fouquet, Michael Wolever, Ashley Munns, Lucy Chinen, Natasha Stagg, Ottolinger, Jamieson Webster, Angelo Lanza, Fabian Marti, Clément Delépine, Alex Bennett, PWR Studio, DDP, Jeanne-Salomé Rochat, Florence Tetier, Nicolas Coulomb, Georgia Pendlebury, Cherline Felder, Alice Jollivet Reali, Dominyka Angelyte, Babtiste Gerbelot Barillon, Tiziana Raimondo, Franco Argento, Harley Weir, Harry Carr, Groupe CCC, Nicole Kast, Morgane Nicolas, Louisa Copperwaite, Image Group, Jean-Vincent Simonet, Jon  Rafman, Jooyeon Kim, Romain Mader, Florian Joye, Ethan Assouiline, Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos, Allyssa Heuze, Lara Verheijden, Mark Stadman, Karin Westerlund, Leila Azizi, Lowe Salter + more. 

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