Novembre Magazine Issue 12

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Novembre N°12
Issue contributors include Florian Joye, Florence Tetier, Georgia Pendlebury, Jeanne-Salome Rochat, Nicolas Coulomb, Chloe Wise, Adam Goodison, Louis Gibson, Gregory Monnerat, Callum Ross, Julia Burlingham, Juan Alvear, Danielle Van Camp, Renata Raksha, Victor Barragan, Corey Olsen, Fay Brown, Pauline Nunez, Jules Moskovtchenko, Roe Ethridge, Romain Lenancker, Hagihara Takuya + more
Origin: Swiss
Format: 21x28cm
341 pages
Cover 1: Lily McNemany by Nicolas Coulomb and Florence Tétier 
Cover 2: Limited edition cover, Adrienne by Nicolas Coulomb and Florence Tétier 
Cover 3: Cover by Ada Sokol and Jeanne-Salomé Rochat - only 2 copies left!

novembre magazine

Novembre is an online and biannually printed magazine devoted to the products that make contemporary urban life exciting.

Under the candid caption "Art practices, beauty & innovations", we explore the worlds of art and fashion to challenge cultural trends and produce innovative imagery.

While proposing intergenerational discussions that explore the power structures in which images and technology occupy decidedly ambiguous positions, we like to nurture the emerging, the outsiders, the arrivistes, the ugly, the dirty, the failed, the exaggerated and honestly wonder about the today’s definition of "bad taste".
Since 2010, Novembre has been an independently published media, fully and commissioned and directed by its creators, Florian Joye (Lausanne), Florence Tétier (Paris) and Jeanne-Salomé Rochat (Berlin), all trained at ECAL (Switzerland).

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