Looking for a gift idea for someone cute. Grab a distal Gift Voucher.

Option 1 = $50 AUD
Option 2 = $100 AUD
Option 3 = $200 AUD
Option 4 = $300 AUD
Option 5 = $500 AUD
Option 6 = $1,000 AUD

Gift Vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Once you have purchased a Gift Voucher you will receive an order confirmation.

Within 24hrs of you placing your order you will receive a PDF copy of the Gift Voucher emailed to the email address you entered at checkout. This will contain a unique discount code which can be used for purchases on our online store. Gift Vouchers are also accepted at our Melbourne store. 

If you would like to pick up a hardcopy (card paper stock) Gift Voucher from us in store, please choose the 'In Store Melbourne Pick Up' option at checkout.

If you would like a Gift Voucher in an amount not listed above or have any questions please email us at distalphalanxshop@gmail.com.  

<3 d.p. x

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